Kneed a Stretchy Bind Off?

There are situations, in knitting, where you need a stretchy bind off.  Most of us have had the experience wherein we are trying to block like crazy to get a very tight cast off edge, to be as loose as the cast on edge!  I personally have had this experience with shawls, necklines and socks.  Top down socks…because it is the cast on edge that starts the sock is fine in terms of “stretchiness”.  BUT, if you are doing toe up socks, you need a stretchy bind off or you cannot get your foot in!

I think this technique is called Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretch Bind Off, but I took some pics to illustrate for you.  Hope it helps

1.  So you are ready to bind off your work

2. Knit your first stitch as you normally would, then bringing your yarn from the back to the front and back round to the back of your needle again (reverse yarn round needle), knit the second stitch.

3.  Take the first stitch with the  2nd (reverse) yarn round needle stitch and slip them over the 3rd stitch on the right hand needle.

You will be left with one stitch on your right hand needle.

4.  Repeat the process.  Do a reverse yarn round needle, knit the next stitch and then take the 1st and 2nd stitches on your right hand needle and lift over the 3rd stitch

5.  Continue this until you have only one stitch left on the right hand needle and finish off the last stitch as you normally would.

This results in a wavy looking bind off that is very stretchy.  Perfect!!

**NOTE: If you are binding off a rib pattern, you do a reverse yarn round needle (from the back to the front and back again) for a KNIT stitch and a normal yarn round needle (from the front to the back to the front again) for a PURL STITCH


You continue the exact same process for ribbing.

DON’T FORGET THAT THIS TECHNIQUE TAKES MORE YARN!! So if you are playing “yarn chicken” with your last bits, make sure you leave yarn at least SIX TIMES the width of your bind off to finish the project!

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