Monthly Archives: May 2017

Shibui for Spring and Summer Knits

We had a wonderful trunk show at DocKnits Spring Retreat featuring Shibui yarns.  This lovely company hails from Portland, Oregon and their yarns are manufactured in Japan.  Shibui specializes in combining their yarns to give us an even greater range of fabrics outside of a single yarn knit.  Their products are truly exquisite and you […]

Coureurs Des Bois…….Masters of the Canadian Touque

Nothing is more quintessentially Canadian than wearing a Touque (or Tuque).  Sporting these tight fighting, rolled brim hats (plus or minus a pompom), with your favourite hockey shirt makes you the ultimate Hoser!   On a less ridiculous note, we have to give credit for the origins of the Touque to some much more courageous […]