A New Day Begins….

I locked up the store for the last time on Monday and handed over the key to the new leaser.  I watched her joy at moving in and planning for her store layout while I thought about the last five years.  I must say that I am over the emotional toll of closing DocKnits as I realize how nice it is to have some extra time to enjoy my knitting!!  While I love knitting samples, sitting and crocheting a simple afghan all winter has been filling my cup again.  I can’t seem to pick up my needles for anything major….no sweaters, wraps, or big projects….just simple granny stitch crochet from a magic ball of a thousand colours.


One of the wonderful things about having a store, or getting together with a like-minded group of fiber friends, is that you get to see what everyone is working on!!  My friend Shelley brought in her Magic Ball Blanket and I fell in love.  Truth be told, this is my second blanket.  As you might guess, I have a ton of sock yarn in my stash and could never seem to part with so it collects in little balls around my house.  I have used sock yarn (fingering weight), but you could really use any weight of yarn as long as it is consistently dk, worsted, etc.

There is a good pictorial on this LINK, from the Stitch-n-Smile website that shows you exactly how to join your yarn with a Magic Knot.  This knot is extremely stable and allows you to cut your joining yarns very close.  The knots just disappear into your work and you don’t have to weave in ends!!!  Then you just wind a big ball….I make mine about 100gm each.  Crocheting takes a lot more yarn than knitting.


Then you can look at the pattern by an awesome crochet designer Lucy from Attic 24 and follow her directions for this granny stitch blanket.  The granny stitch is what we use for granny squares, only we are only doing rows instead of the square.  Saying that, you could just make one huge granny square and that would look pretty cool too.  The FREE pattern from Lucy is HERE


And have a look at more of Lucy’s patterns on Ravelry….they are so much fun and will brighten up any winter day.


If you are looking for some beautiful yarn to crochet, I would highly recommend Shelridge DKW.  We have lots of colours on our website and the yarn is machine washable and highly durable.  It is made in Canada (yeah!) and make sure you don’t get turned off by the price…..the yardage is phenomenal!!  Take a peak HERE

So, I am off to an afternoon of knitting with my yarn peeps.  And really, that is what it is all about: the friendships, the laughter, the creativity and taking a breath once in a while.  I was reading one of my Making Magazines by Carrie Bostick-Hoge, because I have time to read now, and there was an excellent article by Felicia Semple.  Felicia has a blog, thecraftsessions.com and also runs retreats.  She sums up the joy of crafting:

“We need to cultivate beauty in our lives.  Beauty is absolutely essential for our hearts to be buoyant.  That buoyancy is what enables us to do what we need to every day.  Crafting offers greater access to beauty, by providing to us a process that opens us up to spaces where beauty lives, and gives us the presence to notice it.”

Well said, Felicia.  Happy knitting!

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