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A New Day Begins….

I locked up the store for the last time on Monday and handed over the key to the new leaser.  I watched her joy at moving in and planning for her store layout while I thought about the last five years.  I must say that I am over the emotional toll of closing DocKnits as […]

Shetland Wool Week 2017

Shetland Wook Week is a wonderful event, where knitters, spinners and weavers can get together and just enjoy fibre and friendship.  Everything is based out of the Shetland Museum on the waterfront and the “Hub” is a gathering spot where you can just sit and knit and meet people.  The Museum itself is amazing and […]

A Little Shetland Love

If you have followed DocKnits on Facebook, you might have noticed that Ingrid and I went to Shetland Wool Week this year. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone who is interested…..the Island is absolutely beautiful, the people very friendly and Wool Week is unforgettable.  I thought you might like to read more details […]

New Product from West Yorkshire Spinners!

I love British wool!  Britain has managed to revitalize their yarn industry by focusing on breed-specific and British wool and they have been very successful.  I picked up a ball of West Yorkshire Spinners yarn when I was on holiday in Europe and really enjoyed knitting with it…..So, when I discovered we could get it […]

Great Canadian Yarns!

When I was a teen, the ONLY thing my grandmother ever knit was from Patons & Baldwin; Canadiana Sayelle, Astra, and other 100% acrylic yarns.  The finished products have lasted forever and her wonderful knitted treasures are still being passed around the family.  My foray into Yarn Neverland started when I worked at a local […]

Shibui for Spring and Summer Knits

We had a wonderful trunk show at DocKnits Spring Retreat featuring Shibui yarns.  This lovely company hails from Portland, Oregon and their yarns are manufactured in Japan.  Shibui specializes in combining their yarns to give us an even greater range of fabrics outside of a single yarn knit.  Their products are truly exquisite and you […]

Coureurs Des Bois…….Masters of the Canadian Touque

Nothing is more quintessentially Canadian than wearing a Touque (or Tuque).  Sporting these tight fighting, rolled brim hats (plus or minus a pompom), with your favourite hockey shirt makes you the ultimate Hoser!   On a less ridiculous note, we have to give credit for the origins of the Touque to some much more courageous […]