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As fall is so busy, we thought we would shift our annual retreat to the spring!.  We will be meeting at the Chantry Breezes B&B in Southampton, Ontario with Jenny and Don Amy as our hosts.  It will be great to get together before the gardening and spring maintenance jobs begin!

As per previous Retreats, we are offering up a number of options as we really want you to spend some time with us.  So, even if you only have a few hours, have a look at our schedule and see if you can fit us in. 
The “Weekend Warrior” package is $500, excluding your B&B costs.  This includes: treats for Thursday night; lunch for Friday; dinner on Saturday; as well as some great gift bags, a wonderful trunk show, store discounts and giveaways.  You will be eligible for classes on both Friday and Saturday.
One Day at a Time” packages will be available for people who have accommodations or can only join us for a day.  Cost is $175 for one day. You will be eligible for classes, one meal and giveaways!.  Please feel free to join us Friday night for the Trunk Show at DocKnits.
And, if you are too busy and can only join us for a few hours, please have a look at our daily class schedule.  “Morning or Afternoon Classes” will be running for $65.  We are happy to have you for one or two classes.  All supplies are included in the class costs unless otherwise noted.  
We are looking forward to seeing our old and new friends. Come and relax with us this May 4th to 7th in beautiful Saugeen Shores.
So, CLICK HERE for all of your options!

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